Association Jeanne Jugan

The Association Jeanne Jugan is an Association of the lay faithful who desire to participate more fully in the charism transmitted by Saint Jeanne Jugan, adapting it to their state in life.

At St. Joseph’s Residence, we are a group of men and women who strive to be champions of the elderly poor and those in our community who might need our assistance.

We spent a year in prayerful preparation for our role as AJJ members and on the feast of our Patron, St. Joseph, May 1, publicly committed to spending a year helping our Residents and Little Sisters in daily activities and educating the community about our home. Each year, we renew this commitment of service: in 2015 we welcomed four new Associate members.

What do we actually do? A lot – quietly. We sit with the ill and dying, make beds, peel vegetables, staff the gift shop, serve at parties and picnics, work in the laundry or just sit, have a cup of coffee and chat on a long, winter afternoon.

Sound interesting and fulfilling? Why not call and talk with us. We’d love to have you in our home.

Being a member of the Association also has many spiritual benefits. There is a monthly Mass for the intentions of our Associates and their families around the world. We use that occasion to gather, enjoy each other’s company and plan our projects.

If you are interested in the Association Jeanne Jugan or any of our Volunteer Opportunities at St. Joseph’s Residence, please contact:

Sr. Frances